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10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-PART 3

10  Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-PART 3

                                                10  Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-PART 3


Welcome back to my 10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-Part 3 series.  Does change in your life make you feel uncomfortable?  For some, that is the whole reason to stay on the same crappy course…because we don’t want to feel UNCOMFORTABLE.  Well…for any kind of change to occur, stepping out of the comfort zone is necessary.  These  ways to Financial and Physical Fitness will guide you on how to start making those uncomfortable feelings less likely by going slow and doing it one step at a time.  Last weeks post I touched on how to schedule quality time for yourself, how to set yourself up for success and lastly, how to record that success or progress.  Again, it is normal to feel overwhelmed when you are trying to make huge life altering changes in your life…but you don’t have to be.  Start slow, start small.  As I always say, this is the order in which change works for me.  You can always do what works best for you.  I hope these next three ways to financial and physical fitness will help you continue on and inspire you to keep reaching your goals.


  • Know that there are no QUICK FIXES! –As I have always believed, there are no “magic pills” or “quick fixes.”  Ways to financial and physical fitness require your understanding that nothing worth doing ever comes EASYJust like most things, it takes time to get  into debt, and become overweight, so does getting OUT to debt and getting healthy and LOSING the weight.  There is always a way out of a bad or unhealthy situation.  No quick fix in either case will yield long lasting results…only back-sliding and regret.  If it is too good to be true, it probably is!  Stay the course and see the results you are so diligently striving for reap.  These results will  yield  HUGE REWARDS for the long haul, and those my friend, are the results you truly want and need…not some diet or scheme that will  leave you yo-yo-ing right back to where you were.  No one has time for that!10 ways to financial and physical fitness-part 3  It is a proven fact that those who work at both financial stability, and increased health and well-being, end up reaching their goals slower, but keeping their results LONGER.  After all, the blood, sweat and tears wasn’t it vain!  As Dave Ramsey says about getting out of debt ” We aren’t in the business of selling microwaves…just slow cookers!”…low and slow people!
  • PERSISTENCE PAYS-According to, persistence is “The act of persisting or persevering; continuing or repeating behavior.” It is a known fact that when you increase your contributions to your IRA or savings account you reap great rewards.  When you are PERSISTENT about doing it, you do it regularly; you will a much larger return after retirement than if you never increased your contributions. When you are responsible and set time to workout daily, and you do that continually over time…then you will reap GREAT health benefits that will enable you to live your very BEST life.  BE INSISTENT ON BEING PERSISTENT!!  If you only do something some of the time, then you will only get some of the benefits all of the time.  Don’t you want ALL of the return on your money? Don’t you want to be healthy ALL the time?  Then you must be patient and know that you must exercise  your healthy behaviors be it with money or fitness DAILY!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS are key!-According to this article  – by having a workout partner, you are more likely to adhere to a long- term fitness plan and become more accountable for getting your workouts in and making healthier choices.  Having someone who you can count on, motivate and support you is extremely helpful especially since most people aren’t internally motivated.  Having an accountability partner or spouse who you can sit with and design a budget, making sure everyone is on the same page is the ticket to financial fitness. I have an amazing “sig other” who is always supportive of me, no matter what.  When I started out on my journey to getting debt free, it was a very scary thing.  I had so many things to take care of financially, and yet I was to pay off my debt and save more…huh?  Well, with the help of my accountability partner, I was able to get moral support and encouragement that I was on track.  He is the angel on my shoulder, and he helped me go over my budget, and give advice when I may wander off track…yes, I too fall short of my plan at times too…we all do.  It is so important that you include your spouse, best friend or someone you TRUST to be with you every step of the way.  This person should know you well, and understand the goals you are trying to reach.  Hey! maybe this person is in this fight with you too…both of you can exercise the 10 ways to financial and physical fitness together!10 ways to financial and physical fitness-part 3

Do you have it in you to change the course of YOUR financial and physical health and well-being?  It doesn’t really matter when or how many unhealthy habits you need to change…its just that you DO SOMETHING, and do it NOW.   Doing nothing will get you the same results you are getting now.  When you think of your future…what do you envision?  I hope my 10 ways to financial and physical fitness-part 3, has given you enough inspiration to at least start making plans to start a healthier you!  Make sure you have your accountability partner, and focus on the PRIZE!  That’s YOU living your BEST LIFE!  I love this quote by Anthony Hamilton, ” I learned patience, perseverance, and dedication.  Now I really know myself, and I know my voice.  Its a voice of pain and victory.”

You can do this…because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

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