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10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness

10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness

                                                    10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness


As a Personal Trainer and recent Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University student, I can tell you that there are at least 10 ways to financial and physical fitness.  As I sit and listen to Dave’s teachings and listen to his podcasts on occasion,  I am floored by the amount of similarities and what it takes for  the people calling in to his live radio show, to be FINACIALLY fit…they are nearly exact in the behaviors it takes to be PHYSICALLY fit as well.   BOTH require certain sacrifices and behavior changes to be successful!  So, guess what beautiful people…if we are to find ourselves on the path to EITHER one, we CAN do the other…because we already know what the sacrifice entails and the pain it took for that GAIN! 

Suzy Orman says “Make just one small change each month, and by this time next year you’ll be in the best financial shape of your life.” Does that sound familiar to what is known in the fitness world?  I know I preach that phrase to hundreds of women…”One small change can lead to huge benefits down the road…” (like a savings account would or a money market.) I am so excited to tell you that the behaviors to BOTH  getting out of debt and getting healthy  are nearly the SAME in so many ways. If you can do one, you can surely do the other…even at the same time.  It is known by some, that those who start to get themselves out of debt and become financially secure start to become healthier as well…well I’ll be darned… Who knew?!

Do I have your attention yet?  If not, then here are 10 ways to financial and physical fitness that I have identified, and what you need to get your fitness on in BOTH areas of your life. I will be posting just a few each week so you can grasp each concept and take each step slowly and understand these 10 ways to financial and physical fitness in a methodical way.  It is also important that you start one thing then move to the next, so you do not get overwhelmed and drop the ball before you have even started your journey. 

  1.   You must have a GOAL or a PLAN– This is a VERY important step…it is really the FIRST step.  When you make the choice to start “cleaning up your act” either financially or in the fitness realm, you must set ACHIEVABLE goals.  If this is not done, how do you know what you are trying to achieve?  My advice…WRITE IT DOWN.  This can be as simple as in a journal, on a poster board/vision board, or on a calendar.  I like these planners on Amazon, they will help you get started.   It doesn’t have to be fancy, but something you can understand.   Writing it down makes your goal statement CLEAR to yourself. What is it you want to achieve?  How long are you going to give yourself to reach your goals and HOW will you do this? It is important to give yourself a target date to hit that goal also.  Examples of this may be : “ I am going to pay off my Macy’s Credit card by April”’ or “I am going to lose 5 lbs in 4 weeks.”  Make a date to start as well as a target date to meet your goals.  I know this may sound like a little bit of pressure, but…when you are make serious changes in your life, and these can be life changing for some; then being specific with your goals is so very important.  It will keep you accountable. 10 ways to financial and physical fitness
  2. Identify BAD HABITS/BEHAVIORS-10 ways to financial and physical fitness include identifying and changing unhealthy habits.  What are the habits you have that you know you should change? Are there things that may not be good for you, and because you’ve been doing them for so long, or for the convenience of the action…you don’t even realize how bad it is for you until now?  Maybe friends and family have tried to help you with a bad habit in the past, but you were not READY to make the commitment at the time.   For example: maybe going to the drive thru and eating fast food several times a week to save time, is putting more junk in your trunk than you would like. Making a conscious decision to eat a home cooked meal can save you money as well as inches on your waistline! Now that’s what I call MULIT-TASKING at it very BEST!   Maybe going grocery shopping without a SHOPPING LIST is causing you to spend MORE than you should, and is causing your bank account to suffer every week.  If so, making a list can help you save by only getting what you NEED, and not what looks good at the moment.  Another wallet-waistline hack!  Love it!
  3. Start small and BUILD-This is a MUST DO when it comes to being financially responsible and getting fit and healthy. As Dave Ramsey would describe, that we are to use a “slow cooker” method and not a “drive thru” methodology of creating wealth and health for ourselves.  I agree, that starting a new fitness journey or investing in a 401K can seem so overwhelming and confusing.  Knowing where and how to start can seem daunting.  Believe me…I am delving into my retirement account and am so very confused on whether or not I am contributing enough.  As with anything, and as I am learning…you must START SMALL and build gradually.  You would not run a Marathon if you had never really run before.  Stop and ask questions, and have reputable and qualified mentors to help you along the way.  I am no financial expert…I am sooo far from it.  I can tell you that Dave Ramsey is my mentor, and he has me taking his “Baby Steps” so I can learn how to be financially responsible.  Does that sound familiar to you?  One of my first blog posts was “Baby Steps- but in the fitness world.  I have to tell you, the behaviors are the same.10 ways to financial and physical fitness

I hope that PART ONE of my 10 ways to financial and physical fitness are seeds planted today.  If you are struggling in both of these areas, I highly encourage you to start thinking about trying these steps.  I always say, that thinking about starting a new journey is the first step to change.  The doing comes next, and then the results start to happen.  When you think of your children and your family, what are your hopes and dreams?  Do they include a debt free life?  Do you dream of being able to go on a vacation with your kids and hike a mountain, or bike along a beach?  Do you want to start saving for your kids college fund or pay off your student debt?  How about getting off high blood pressure meds and feeling like you can take control of your life again?  If you want to make change in your life, then you CAN.   All you have to do it start.  Start today…because you are WORTH IT!

Stay tined for next week’s PART 2- continuation of my FitLife’s 10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and please check your spam folder or inbox for a confirmation email.  Thanks for reading!



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