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10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-PART 2

10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-PART 2

                                                  10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-Part 2

            Welcome back! This is my 10 ways to financial and physical fitness part 2!    Last week’s post I touched on 3 crucial steps to how you can begin to pave the path to success in both the FINANCIAL and PHYSICAL realm.   I talked about making a PLAN and how you should WRITE IT DOWN…yes.  IF you SEE it, then you are more apt to DO it.  Making a plan gives you direction.  Next, you are to IDENTIFY behaviors that need tweaking or changing.  Hone into those unhealthy behaviors and chose one to change.  Once you have mastered that, move on to the next.  Baby Steps!  The Third of 10 ways to financial and physical fitness was to start small and build.  Always a good rule of thumb…that way you do not end up getting overwhelmed and feel like giving up…not an option.  So give yourself some success…start our easy and work your way up to more difficult choices.

As we move on to the next 3 of 10 ways to financial and physical fitness, I want to encourage you to take my steps in whatever order suits you the BEST.  I have set these steps in this particular order because I feel they work best for ME this way…you can tailor these steps to suit you…just know, that it’s not how you do them…its that you DO them.

  • Schedule QUALITY time- Ways to financial and physical fitness are so similar in that you have to schedule time to do each to be successful and reach your goals.  The time you dedicate has to be QUALITY time.  When I am sitting at my desk going over my budget, I do it when I am not interrupted and can really be AWARE of what I am doing with my hard-earned money.  The same holds true of my workouts; I have to schedule the time to get it done, or the time will slip away with all the other commitments I have put on me as a mom.  I FIT IT IN.  Bottom line.  You CAN and WILL reach your financial and fitness goals IF you set aside quality time to dedicate to the task at hand.  I have found that by making a “date with myself” is the key to HAVING time, because it wont just come to ya.  Ask yourself this- is there time in my day where I am able to put forth the sacrifices needed to succeed?  Maybe giving up 15 minutes you spend on Facebook, and watching TV can free up 30 minutes of time.  You could spend that time on your EVERY DOLLAR app getting your finances in order or fitting in a quick circuit workout or brisk walk.   Kevin Ngo quotes it best…“If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a LOT of time dealing with a life you don’t want.” For sure!!10 ways to financial and physical fitness part 2


  • Set yourself up for SUCCESS-Success to me is reaching the goals I have set for myself.  By having a plan and the right tools you can be successful.  Ways to financial and physical fitness are achievable if you align yourself with the right attitude and people to support you in your journey.  As I mentioned earlier, I am taking an amazing class by Dave Ramsey…a financial guru.  I use his budgeting app and website called Every Dollar to help me stay on track with my budget. There is a link to that app in the previous paragraph and I encourage you to check it out! It will change your life! It is so easy, and I love it.  No longer am I intimidated about making and keeping a budget, because I have the right TOOL to help me in my journey to financial fitness. You can use other tools out there to help you stay on track with your fitness goals just the same.  Here is a great app I recommend to my friends and family.  I have used it myself while I was training ad competing.  You can use this to log your workouts and nutritional intake so you can be aware of where you are in your fitness journey.  Knowing that you are on or off track can help you be successful in your financial and fitness goals.  Its likely you will feel intimidated, but everyone does when they start something new…so setting yourself up with the right tools will give you insurance, reinforcing that what you are doing is wither10 ways to financial and physical fitness part 2working or not.


  • Keep a record of your PROGRESS-As your success comes with change, you will want to see how far you have come.  As you contribute more into your savings or IRA its good to check on it periodically to see if your account is making money and if not, maybe changes need to be made. Knowing how and where I am spending my hard earned money is how I KNOW where to make changes and if I am progressing or regressing.    Keeping record is a good way to track your workouts too…maybe you started out bench pressing 50 lbs and now you have worked your way up and can now afford to add weight to your bar! That progression will make you feel successful, and in turn cause you to want to keep pressing forward toward that goal!  You can use something simple as a spiral notebook to notes on your phone.  You can use a wipe board and dry erase marker and make it really big!  Whatever makes you feel  encouragement that progress is being made.  So, weather you have met your goal of saving 100$ for the month or adding 10 lbs to your bar on your bench press, it is crucial that you keep a record of where you started.  I have kept records of my workouts throughout the years, and I look back and see the changes that have occurred.  It will motivate me either way, and keep my mind on the prize!

I encourage you to try my 10 steps to financial and physical fitness part 2- and tack on the first 3 steps.  I hope my information was inspirational and a seed planted for future growth.  Give these tips a try, and keep your chin up…you can do it…because YOU and your family are WORTH IT!

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