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10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-Part 4

10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-Part 4

                          10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-Part 4

Here is the FINAL post about my series on 10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness.  I have been out of the country gallivanting in Costa Rica with friends, so I apologize ( not really) for my delay…of course, the whole time thinking about my blog…not.  Ok, maybe a little!!  I did get some down time to think of some awesome blogging material, so stay tuned!

…In my previous post I touched on a couple of key ways to financial and physical fitness.  To recap- there are “No QUICK FIXES”.  You cannot rush a good thing and expect good lasting results, and that is with most things in life, if you stop to think about it.  Next, PERSISTENCE PAYS.  Yes, indeed.  That being the hard part.  If you only workout a few times you will not see the results.  You must continue the behavior or action on a regular basis to see those results.  Period.  Having an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER was the last thing I touched on, and so very important.  Having someone to see you along on your journey gives you support and motivation to keep on keeping on!   Last and definitely not least, is the tenth way of 10 ways to financial and physical fitness-part 4 and I leave it standing alone because it is so very important.10 ways to financial and physical fitness part 4 dollar dumbells

Putting GOOD things in your “Tank”-It’s not a mystery that when you put good food in your body or money into a savings account that you are on the track to finding ways to financial and physical fitness.  I always say “garbage in is garbage out “.  That is so true for both finances and fitness.  If you feed your body fat and sugar laden foods you can best bet that you will have some health issues that could put a damper on your health.  Metabolic issues, diabetes, heart disease, overweight and obesity issues to name a few.  Oh, and don’t forget a higher chance you can develop some cancers.  That short list alone is scary.  A diet consisting mostly of highly processed foods can and will  shorten your life and make you ill for years to come.  If you rarely put money into that savings account, then you will deprive yourself of being financially capable when a financial emergency arises, or you lose your job and have to rely on your savings to survive.

If you spend more than you can afford, charge up credit cards, and live without a budget…saving will not be something you will be able to do. By putting WHOLE FOODS in your “tank” and SAVINGS in your bank, GOOD THINGS can come of it!

Here are some ways to start becoming responsible about putting GOOD FOOD in your TANK, and MONEY in your BANK:10 ways to financial and physical fitness part4 shopping

  • Make a grocery list BEFORE shopping and STICK TO IT as best you can.
  • Shop mostly in the PERIPHERY of the grocery store…most of the unhealthy food is located in the middle!
  • Use helpful apps like Cartwheel or Coupon Mom to save money on your grocery bill
  • Choose foods that have been minimally processed…5 whole ingredients or less-this fab article that explains this..
  • If sugary foods is your weakness, and you have no will power…don’t buy them. Period.
  • Create a GROCERY BUDGET with your accountability partner-be realistic.
  • Go through your pantry and fridge and use items that are half used into a big soup or casserole before buying new items.
  • Save money by not wasting precious left overs…I always freeze mine and re-purpose in future recipes-rice, pasta, sauces and taco meat, beans are good ones!
  • Download and use the amazing app Every Dollar to stick to your healthy grocery budget and other expenses and see how much you can save!
  • NEVER GO GROCERY SHOPPING HUNGRY!!  Stay the course, and get only what you NEED.

I can tell you that none of these changes will come quickly or easily, and a lot of them WILL be PAINFUL.  I too, am in the midst of a lifestyle change…mine is financial.   It has not been comfortable, or easy and I have had to make A LOT of sacrifices.  Nothing good ever comes EASY or PAINLESS..RIGHT?  I often ask myself this question- ”Is what I am trying to achieve going to make my life and my children’s lives better for the future?”  I can tell you that the answer is a 100% YES!  In so many ways. Is the way I treat my finances going to help me and my boys live a better life? Yes!  It is the SAME for your overall HEALTH AND WELLBEING my friends.  Ways to financial and physical fitness are not easy…but worth EVERY ounce of blood, sweat and tears…because me and my kids are WORTH it…and so are YOU and YOURSflower

My hope is that you can take away one thing from my series 10 Ways to Financial and Physical Fitness-part 4, conquer that one thing, and move to the next.  The way I see it, we only have one life to make our very BEST  decisions.  They may not be easy, fun or popular, and yes, we may fail several times…its ok.  Who is to judge.  We are doing our best every day, and we learn by trial and error always.  Remember, the lifestyle changes YOU chose to make are because YOU think they are important for you and your family…not what Facebook or Redbook says you should do. Yes, these decisions will come with some sort of price…usually showing up later on with HUGE positive results.  Although tough to keep up with, and difficult to do, they may be the BEST decisions we will ever make.

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  • Great information, and so true. The one step forward two steps back is so frustrating but it gets easier over time.

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