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Cassie’s Easy Fall Salad

Cassie’s Easy Fall Salad

                                                Cassie’s Easy Fall Salad

Cassie’s Easy Fall Salad will tempt your taste buds into keeping salad on your menu…even when the temptation to stop eating salad is there.
That time of year is here…shorter days, cooler weather, and the grocery store is FILLED with all the comfort foods of the season. If you are like me, you slowly get away from eating salads as the summer months end.
Turning to more calorie laden foods that smell amazing can soon feel like a rock in your gut. A Fresh beautiful salad can provide your body with many health benefits. Why a salad in the fall?Cassie's Easy Fall Salad
• Salads can provide you with precious antioxidants that support immune system.
• Raw vegetables and fruits can support cardiovascular system, and protect bones and eyesight
• Fiber in a Salad can help keep you satisfied and help with needless snacking
• Nutrients can keep hair and skin healthy in Fall/Winter months
• Salads can provide a source of “good” fats and protein
• They are easy to transport and to make.
• Make good vessels for left overs

This article by says that most veggies have only 25 calories per ½ a cup serving. That means you can build your salad with great protein sources to add calories…not JUST veggies. Cassie’s Easy salad is not only beautiful to look at…it is full of flavor and HUGE on nutritional value.
Now, I know that a salad sounds boring, right? I doesn’t have to be! Here is one I love, and you will too!
You will need these ingredients in no specific amount…you choose!Cassie's Easy Fall Salad
• Fresh baby spinach
• Fresh arugula
• Baked cauliflower*
• Baked butternut squash*
• Caramelized onions
• ½ apple (I like honey crisp)
• Raw or toasted walnuts
• Red bell pepper
• Feta or goat cheese (small amount sprinkled on top)

*These items can be found in my previous post on “Cassie’s Baked Veggies”

Cassie’s Easy Fall salad is so yummy on its own but sometimes I use a light balsamic dressing to top it off, and maybe toss in some fresh avocado, yum!! I may also choose of these protein sources and add to my salad.
• ½ of a baked chicken breast
• ¾ cup of tofu/black beans mixed and cooked
• Garbanzo or other beans

Although you may not be craving a cold salad, in the cooler weather, the fall baked veggies give this salad that extra “meatiness” and you might not even miss the meat!
Make big or small, and pack ahead for lunches, this salad travels well.
I hope Cassie’s Easy Fall Salad will inspire you to keep salad on your holiday menu and replace a poor dietary choice with a much healthier, tastier one that your whole family will enjoy.
I challenge you and your family to make your own Fall salad creations…because you are worth it!
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