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7 Reasons Resistance Training is Important in Midlife

7 Reasons Resistance Training is Important in Midlife

                      7 Reasons Resistance Training is Important in Midlife


Congratulations! You have just made it to your 50th birthday and made a resolution to get healthy and start exercising… Maybe you want to add some resistance training to your predictable and usual cardio workout.  That’s awesome news!
Did you know that there are so MANY benefits to adding resistance training to your fitness routine, especially for us 40-50 year olds? Yep…so many reasons to get ripped and STAY that way.7 reasons to resistance training in midlife
Here are 6 reasons you should be adding resistance training to your fitness routine:

Bone Density-It is proven that as we age bone loss SPEEDS UP during midlife. Even more so for women AFTER menopause when estrogen levels drop. According to an ACE article, “we lose so much muscle as we age”. “By the time we are 70, we only have about 50-55% of our muscle left”.

Increases Metabolism– Resistance training REVS up that fire inside…your metabolism. Metabolism slows as we age, and we feel tired and weak. When you train with weights or use resistance such as body weight, you are challenging your body to do more work, thus burning more calories and building more strength in the form of muscle. You are also increasing your metabolism…the conversion of food/fuel to energy, which is what we need to keep the cycle going…right?!

Increases your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)– (i.e., the amount of calories you burn daily by just existing) also increases. Athletes are calorie-burning machines even when they are not exercising. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know that while you are watching TV, you are burning a butt load of calories??…yeah baby!

Provides a Feeling of Well-Being-I always say my drug of choice is my ENDORPHINS. Bottom line. Nuff said people. No matter how I am feeling, if I am pushing my body to do work and increasing my energy expenditure by lifting weights or doing some sort of 7 reasons to resistance training resistance training in my workout…I will feel my endorphins creep in. It is so great to feel full of energy and because of these “super chemicals”,  I feel like I have accomplished something worthwhile.  Oh and for you “grumpy”, premenopausal ladies…I feel happier and life is GOOD! Oh yeah… and I wanna clean house after my workout too!…bonus!!

Resistance training PROTECTS our joints as we age– By keeping the muscles strong around vital joints such as the hip, knee and shoulder, it is unlikely that we will have serious issues with these. As we age, hip fractures, torn rotator cuffs and tears in vital cartilage in our knees becomes more common and so easy to do…IF we fail to keep the muscles AROUND them strong. Muscles give us better mobility and balance and act as a support around the joints to give them the strength to lift, bend and dance for goodness sake! Don’t hurt ’em hammer!

Helps us to look our BEST– let’s face it people…saggy-skinny or toned-strong? I vote for toned and strong every day…esp in my butt area!! Haha! Helps keeps the lady lumps strong…no more Spanx!! Muscle tone can make us feel a sense of self confidence in our skin…literally.  When you have self confidence, then you feel like you can do all things and you WILL!

Help keeps Testosterone levels up!-Yaay! As a women, I want to keep lean muscle mass, and have less body fat…I can do that if my Testosterone levels are up and my metabolism is raised. By strength training at least 4 times a week I am able to challenge my body enough to keep my metabolic level up (calorie burn up) even when I am resting…testosterone helps me do this!

The way you can build and keep muscle is by CHALLENGING it to grow.
So-get in there and do some resistance training! You have to start somewhere TO GET ANYWHERE!

Everyone wants to feel good…that’s the goal, right? If you FEEL good then you will LOOK good! I don’t know about you, but I want to look forward to being very active in my midlife…don’t YOU??7 reasons to resistance training in midlife

Sitting in front of a TV watching crappy shows eating processed food, feeling tired and grumpy all the time doesn’t appeal to me…does it to you? YUCK.

The investment made with your TIME to learning how to do it, DEDICATION to staying the course, and COMMITTMENT to your strength training goals will pay off in more ways than you can ever imagine.

As we age, our body requires more “upkeep” to keep it going. We have no control over some of it. WE DO have control over A LOT of it. You CAN keep your body strong and healthy…but you HAVE to challenge it in many ways.

By adding resistance training to your life, you can change the way your body looks, operates, and feels. It will definitely change your overall sense of well being and increase your chances for better health.   Add resistance/weight training to your fitness routine and add YEARS to your life.

It won’t be easy and yes, it will hurt sometimes.


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