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About Me

About Me

Welcome to Cassie O’Keefe’s Journey

I am a working, single mother of 3 boys, Radiologic Technologist/Mammographer,  Personal Trainer, and ACE Certified Health Coach.  I am a  lover of food, fun and Everything relating to health and fitness.  It takes lots of patience,perseverance (with a little bit of insanity – haha!) to stay fit and to keep my fitness goals while “doing it all”.  Mostly, it takes balance and a lot of persistence.

Why blog?  Sharing my journey into single motherhood, hoping that a little seed will plant with you and blossom into a full grown healthy, thriving female.  We wear many hats and the last thing we do is take time for ourselves.  I wanted a way to:

  • Spread my passion of a healthy lifestyle with you through my experiences in Food (recipes, clean eating and money saving tips)
  • Give you ideas on Fitness (workouts and moving your body more)
  • Help you have more Fun with your Family (this comes hand in hand when you have 3 crazy boys!).
  • Share with you all the things that I have learned along the way that I feel can help anyone live a better life.

My hope for you is when you visit Fitlife by Cass, you can grab a seed of what I share to inspire you . . . Information with Inspiration!  It’s the little choices to make positive changes that add up to HUGE results later on!  I will attest, it is not easy…then again…NOTHING truly good comes easy.  Our lives are a continuous journey, learning how to take care of YOU first – really does help all the rest of the pieces fall into place.

I invite you to join me in MY new and exciting journey…this blog!  As I offer up my life…my Fitlife to you and how I make a healthy lifestyle a priority, while allowing time to do the things I love – I will be helping to show you how YOU can do this too!  So…LETS DO THIS!!

Feel free to take away as many “seeds” from this blog (all that you need).  Plant them, allow them to grow, it just takes time…with a little LOVE sprinkled on top.