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Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Those Baby Steps …

I have always believed that it is “Not where you start, but how you finish”, that makes one successful in their health and fitness goals…and in life.  The one question I am frequently asked is:

  • “How do I start getting healthy again?”
  • “Where do I start?”

It can be extremely overwhelming to figure out just what to do first. From the nutrition aspect of knowing what you should eat and what you shouldn’t, to wondering if cardio is a better way to burn fat than resistance training. It can be so mind blowing that before you have really even started…you already want to quit.

Well, I am here to tell you that I have been there with you…in fact, very recently with getting this blog up and running. I was out of my element (completely!) I can put a workout together in minutes, and teach a bootcamp…but to get a blog up and running was like reading braille! The amount of time I had to spend just learning the lingo, and all the things that went wrong while trying to follow tutorials and do it myself…waaaaay out of my comfort zone for sure! I was overwhelmed and wanted to quit.

The key to my starting and finishing all began in my head…thinking about how I could do this, and the mere fact that I WANTED to do this and how I wanted to succeed. I had a vision of what my blog should look like, and what I wanted to say, and I hadn’t even designed a blog yet. You see, if you have ever thought about making healthier life choices, and starting out on a fitness journey…you have already started! That is the FIRST step!

Taking baby steps, one small step at a time is key to beginning any new journey. After you have thought about the journey, the next step is to TALK about it…in a POSITIVE way. Tell your closest friends, family anyone who you feel will listen and support you through your journey. The positive feedback you will get will astound you, and because of that love and support you will feel like you have a team behind you cheering you all the way!

Here comes the hardest part…the DOING part. Yep, it is the part we all dread, yet it’s the part that gets our goals met.   By setting your goals one at a time, you give yourself a chance to succeed. Better yet, a chance to FEEL success.   Starting out small…remember…baby steps people!

Tip! Choose one habit that you want to kick and add one healthy one in its place. For example:

  • You could stop eating ice cream every night for desert, and substitute that for a homemade baked apple with cinnamon…yum!
  • You could jog every other light pole instead of walking when you go out for your evening jaunt.

Whatever your goals may be… give yourself rewards when you reach your goals, and keep track to keep yourself accountable. As you reach your goals, don’t forget to add in another attainable and realistic goal challenge. Even the smallest of positive changes will reap HUGE results later on…I promise you!

Baby steps:

  • THINKING about your health and fitness goals
  • TALKING about and setting your goals
  • And finally, nothing to it but to DO IT!

Jumping into something new whether it be a new fitness goal, or in my case, blogging; can be overwhelming in so many ways. Why not set yourself up for success instead of failure by trying these 3 steps…it may not be pretty in the beginning, but it doesn’t matter…because it’s NOT how you START.. Its where you finish that truly matters!

I have been in your shoes…in fact, very recently with this very blog. Maybe it is out of fear, lack of self confidence, the possibility of the f word…yup…failure. Maybe you just aren’t sure exactly where to start.    Baby Steps is all it takes.

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