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Cassie’s Baked Fall Veggies

Cassie’s Baked Fall Veggies

                                                           Cassie’s Baked Fall Veggies


Have you tried baking your veggies?

With Cassie’s Baked Fall Veggies, you will find yourself ahead of the food prep game.
I am known as a “Veggie” girl. As long as I can remember, I have always loved eating veggies. Funny thing is, I grew up in Texas…primarily known for its beef industry and not as much for its produce. Having a love affair with veggies, I like to try new ways to prepare them. I enjoy eating them raw, lightly steamed, sautéed (in a healthy way) and…BAKED.

I bake almost any veggie, but prefer to bake mostly cruciferous and root veggies. My favorites are:

• Cauliflower
• Broccoli
• Butternut squash
• Brussel SproutsCassie's Fall Veggies

The key is not to overcook them or they become mushy…I like them a little al dente!
Baking the broccoli, and Brussel sprouts gives them a slightly smoky flavor while keeping the crunch. The cauliflower and butternut squash taste sweeter, while gaining a little smoky flavor as well. So yummy!

I frequently bake up a batch of each, and use in these ways:

• On salads
• As side dish
• Over quinoa
• In healthy wraps
• As a topper in soups/stews
• In a layered veggie lasagna (must be al dente)
• On a homemade pizza

I make an amazing Fall Salad using the butternut squash and cauliflower…stay tuned for that recipe!
Here is what you will need:

• Cookie sheet
• Non-stick cooking spray
• Large bowl to toss veggies Cassies Baked Veggies
• Chili powder
• Paprika
• Pepper
• Cayenne
• Cumin
• Garlic Powder (granulated)
• Salt
• Olive oil

For the squash, you have to remove the skin, slice in half, clean out the seeds and cube.
For the Brussels, slice off the hard ends, and slice in half.
For the cauliflower and broccoli, just cut off stalk and cut them into medium sized florets.

• Toss veggies in your large bowl with olive oil…a little can go a long way.
• Shake spices over top (you chose amount and type)
• Pour prepared veggies onto a cookie sheet with nonstick spray
• Shake to evenly distribute pan with veggies.
• Put into a 375-400 degree oven for about 20-40 mins (depends on your oven)

Check for “doneness” by piercing with a fork…should have a firmness, as not to overcook. You can be the judge of how you like your veggies cooked. I like mine to have a little char…especially the brussels and squash…YUM!!
I hope this article inspires you to eat more veggies this fall. Maybe you eat them but are bored with the same old thing. So, go ahead…give it a whirl! It may take you a few times to get it right. You will be glad you did!

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