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Cassie’s Fit Life 5: Healthy Habits to LIVE by

Cassie’s Fit Life 5: Healthy Habits to LIVE by

Cassie’s Fit Life 5: Healthy Habits to LIVE by

Here it is! Cassie’s Fit Life 5: Healthy Habits to live by.  In beginning my new blogging journey, and sharing  my love for health and fitness, I feel it is only appropriate to be consistent in sharing with you the 5 Healthy Habits I am so diligent about  in being “fit” and healthy. There are simple foundations for which I believe my health depends on.  I have, over the years, come to feel that by doing these Healthy habits, my health is on par, and I am at my VERY best.  I don’t do them when I feel like it, or whenever I might have time or every now and then.  I am persistent about sticking  to Cassie’s Fit Life 5:Healthy Habits to live by EVERY DAY.  Yes, I am single a  mom of 3, I have a career and job I go to 5 days a week, and my calendar is extremely PACKED and blah blah blah…we all have our excuses…I get it.  Life happens to just…happen.    I must do these things DAILY if I want to keep my mind and body running long and strong.  Not to mention, I can stay healthier and stave off nasty viruses my kids bring home or a patient at work unknowingly spreads to me much easier that if I did not do these 5 simple and healthy habits.

This cool article by Jillian Michaels (I just love her)  says that eating a diet rich in whole foods is great for bone health, something women over 35 should think about.  Bone loss starts to occur after 35…scary to think about.  Another good read of info on the subject states “Abundant evidence suggests that the most healthful diets set aside animal products and reduce fats in general, while including LARGE amounts of vegetables and fruits. Eliminating or reducing meat (especially ones high in saturated fat) and dairy products from your diet is a powerful step in disease prevention.”  Healthy habits done daily can help with disease prevention and increase well-being. Period.

For those of you who know me well, you can be sure of one thing…I am NOT a fan of FAD DIETS.  In my opinion, they are not part of a truly HEALTHY lifestyle.  One cannot live on shakes and processed bars alone, or drink juice all day, or eat foods only high in fat and not have some sort of backlash or repercussion when the diet is through. I feel that these diets can sometimes make you sick by omitting essential whole nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary to increase immunity and overall health.    I have learned a lot about REAL food, and like money…if you treat it right, it will WORK for you!

Do I fall short sometimes?  Sure I do.. and make no mistake you will too.  Having a HEALTHY lifestyle is a JOURNEY, not a RACE.  It may take years to “get it right”.  You will find what works BEST for you and YOUR life.  I have this blog merely to share my Fit Life and what works for ME.  Here are Cassie’s Fit Life 5:Habits to Live by:

  • Eat WHOLE Foods and LEAN proteins-I have learned that the closer to the tree, ground, bush or plant a food is the BETTER. I make a conscious effort to minimize processed foods as much as possible, because those foods decrease the nutrients that I am putting in my body, and my body doesn’t know what to do with things that are not “real” foods.  By eating foods that are dense in nutritional value, I give my body the BEST chance possible to function at its very best. Once you learn to eat and prepare wholeFit Life 5: Helahty Habits to live by foods, such as green leafys, cruciferous cancer-fighting veggies, you wont want anything else!  Fruit chews and bars made of stuff you cant pronounce…no way.  Opt for the REAL THING! I opt for an apple and a handful of nuts, seeds and dried fruit instead!
  • Drink ADEQUATE water daily- Notice…I highlighted the word “adequate”…only because I think one of the hardest things for people to do is drink ENOUGH water. I love this article by Abby Phon    How much is adequate you ask?  She says that one could use the color of your urine to see if you are getting enough water…the clearer, the BETTER!  Water helps to keeps dry skin in check ( and wrinkles too!)  flushes out toxins, and promotes weight loss among other things.  For me, it gives me energy and keeps my systems running smoothly.  The LACK of water or insufficient amount can lead to headaches, and lethargy and dehydration…no bueno!  Water  is my lifeline.  I always have my bottle with me and I aim for 80-100 oz per day…and oh…its FREE!
  • Get QUALITY exercise at LEAST 30 mins per day-Getting exercise is so important to your health…we all know this, its the DOING IT part we make excuses for.  I get it…too busy…etc etc.  HOWEVER… Getting QUALITY exercise is the key though. What I mean by QUALITY is that you are moving your body in a way that puts you a bit out of your comfort zone during your workouts.  Getting your heart rate above resting This website,  talks about your heart rate, how to find your resting and target heart rate so you can monitor your QUALITY exercise sessions more accurately.  One way to get quality exercise is to increase the intensity to which you are exercising.  A few examples are  running or walking  intervals on the elliptical while changing the incline to challenge you more.    Circuit training is another  example of how to get your 30 mins of QUALITY exercise in. I get mine in early in the morning so I can get those energy hormones called ENDORPHINS to help me through my day.   I feel that I can conquer ANYTHING after I’ve had my workout.  If you incorporate these healthy habits, I’ll bet you could too!
  • Get adequate SLEEP EVERY night-This one is HUUGE for me.  Sleep is something my body needs, especially since I work out every morning before work.  Some people require more and others less.  For someone who is trying to get healthy, SLEEP IS ESSENTIAL TO CHANGE. Your body needs it to repair, restore and recharge itself.  I don’t know about you, but I cannot be at the top of my game mentally, physically or emotionally if Im not well rested.  My rule of thumb is to give myself the same bedtime routine every night and wake at the same time.  Adults should get between 6-8 hours of sleep per night to function.  Proper sleep can ward off many kinds of illnesses, and strengthens your immune system.  For those of you that have set New Year’s resolutions to get fit…add more SLEEP to your list…you may find yourself in BEAST MODE in the gym after proper sleep! Oh…and did I mention that getting adequate sleep is ANTI-AGING?  Count me in! HAHA!Fit Life 5: Healthy Habits to live by
  • OMIT SUGAR– Yep I said it…I believe it is THE hardest thing for people to do.  Overconsumption of processed sugar is  the NUMBER ONE cause of obesity and other metabolic diseases.   It is in just about EVERYTHING processed, HAS NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE, and it is killing people every day.  According to this article on sugar, “Sugar is an important part of our lives,” says Dr. Miriam Vos, assistant professor at Emory University School of Medicine. “But a little goes a long way.” The AHA links added sugar to obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease”. In a nutshell, eating too much sugar can cause fat buildup in the liver, which can lead to these problems.  It’s not all bad. “There’s no need to avoid the naturally-occurring sugars in fruit, vegetables, and low- and nonfat dairy,” says Rachel K. Johnson, professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont in Burlington.  Sugar when not utilized is stored as fat, and is also very ADDICTING. By being conscientious about what you are eating, you can very well omit most of the refined and processed sugar that is in your diet.  Sugar can not only make you fat, it can make you tired, and cause your immune system to plunge.   I opt to fill my cravings with other foods with NUTRTIONAL VALUE and their own NATURAL sugars like fruits and nuts.  I challenge you to cut back and eventually omit as musch sugar in your diet as possible. You will never regret it!

Cassies’s Fit Life 5: Habits to live by are just simple lifestyle behaviors that I feel I cannot live without doing. Do these simple things and it will reap HUGE benefits later…I promise you.  After years of doing certain things, eating certain things, and a lot of trial and error…I know what works for me. I know what makes me feel whole, HEALTHY and ALIVE, and if you follow Cassie’s Fit Life 5: Habits to live by, you can too…because YOU are WORTH IT!

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