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Cassies Healthy Resolutions

Cassies Healthy Resolutions

Cassies Healthy Resolutions ~ How to Make and Keep Them Alive!

Do you want to know How to keep Cassies healthy resolutions alive? Well, I am gonna tell you how I do it…

The holidays are almost over, and your belly is as full as a tick.  Are you feeling like you had too many of your favorite goodies and cocktails down the hatch?  Like millions of Americans, I will bet you made a healthy New Year’s resolution …or something along those lines…as we all do, come January 1st.   I am going to highlight a few ways that you can make and KEEP your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions alive.

First, what exactly is a RESOLUTION?  The online dictionary says ….. it is “a firm decision to do something, firm determination, or a course of action decided on.”   We all have had good intentions on following through with our FIRM resolutions, right?   Unfortunately, the majority of us do NOT.  Many fall short far too quickly of our goals, and we give up and convince ourselves that the resolution we made was a dumb one anyway.

For a bit of statistics Statistic Brain shows that about 45% of us even make resolutions and only 8% actually reach their goals.  That means that the majority of people lose faith in their goals and it all seems overwhelming.   They continue on a path that may be detrimental to their health and well- being…not a good thing.

Here are ways to make and keep your healthy New Year’s resolutions ALIVE!

Cassies vision board 2 for 2017

  • WRITE IT DOWN! Make a list FIRST, and organize your thoughts on paper.  By seeing it written, you can organize your thoughts, goals, and aspirations easier.
  • Make your healthy goals in list fashion and then organize them in order of importance you may even want to list them in order of attainability.  Sometimes by achieving goals that are easier to meet gives you a sense of satisfaction, and you will likely stay the course if you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Yeah baby!
  • KEEP GOALS SIMPLE– Let’s keep it real people…almost anything worth keeping isn’t easily attained. Your health and fitness (or lack of) didn’t get there overnight, and the reverse will take time too…not a bad thing.
  • Remember, being hasty and extreme can lead to regret and a feeling of failure. The bottom line is to stay the course, and set your goals so you can REACH them.
  • Maybe start by giving yourself a goal of not eating chips or drinking soda for a week…or cutting back on a habit rather than going cold turkey. Gradual, small changes can lead to a sense of accomplishment and will drive you to keep going
  • CREATING A VISION BOARD is a great way to keep yourself motivated.  In my competition days, I would cut out pictures from magazines that inspired and motivated me.
  • Be sure to choose words and phrases that speak to YOU.

    Cassies Healthy Resoutions
  • Paste them onto a large cardboard or poster board, and hang or display where you can see it…the bathroom mirror in your garage where you may work out may be the best place.
  • I encourage you to do this…its really fun and it DOES help when you feel like giving in and giving up.
  • INFORM FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF YOUR GOALS and I assure you, they will support you. Now you may get those friends and family members who will NOT.  Let me be very clear…you need to do this for YOURSELF, and no one else.
  • You may opt to stay clear of people who may drag you down or be  unsupportive of your healthy New Year’s resolutions.
  • More often than not, if your family knows how much it means to you to make healthy lifestyle changes, they WILL support you in keeping your healthy New Year’s resolutions alive.
  • Who knows…YOU just might be a huge influence and inspire someone around you to change THEIR unhealthy habits, and that, my friend, is an amazing gift of love.
  • BELIEVING THAT YOU CAN  by keeping a positive mindset about achieving your goals is so important. Easier said than done for sure.
  • Positive words affect how our body responds physically also.
  • Try replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones.    I like to use this awesome site   to find quotes that speak to me.
  • Easy tip…print and post the quotes on strategic places like the bathroom mirror, the chalkboard in your kitchen and on your phone wallpaper  to name a few.

There you go!  Ways you can make and keep your healthy New Year’s resolutions alive.   Resolutions are relatively easy to make and even EASIER to break.

I challenge you to be in the 8% of Americans who actually keep and REACH their goals this year.  Remember…Set yourself up for SUCCESS!!  Nothing truly worth getting comes easy.  You CAN DO IT!  Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

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