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Enjoy the Ride!

Enjoy the Ride!

                                                        Enjoy the ride!


Hello readers! I had to step away from blogging for a bit to focus on a few life events that were both uncomfortable and necessary.
First up – Studying for the Certified Health Coach exam. A ton of work for sure and happy to say I passed! I am now a Health Coach certified by the American Council on Exercise.
Second up – My landlord informed me that they were selling the house and gave me a 60-day notice to vacate.
Here are some things I learned while all of this was going on that you can apply to any big life event:

• Have Patience
• Plan ahead
• Expect the unexpected
• Enjoy the ride
• Embrace the change

Patience is difficult for me; I work on it daily and fail at it often. With 60 days to vacate my rental I felt overwhelmed working full-time, studying for my test and juggling my 3 active boys’ schedules. The competition for housing in Northern California is insane and I needed to find a safe, affordable home close to my boys’ schools very soon. By taking a breath every now and then and realizing that things usually work out as they should I found some calm in the storm.

Planning ahead provides me a clear picture of how competing priorities can all be accomplished. While studying for my Health Coach exam and planning a move my WRITTEN PLAN of action became my roadmap to success – all I had to do was follow the path. You can find all kinds of downloadable planners at that can help you get organized and plan for your success. By actually WRITING my plan of action, I was able to see how it could all work out. This also works for a new exercise plan, food prep, or any other feat you may feel is overwhelming.

The Unexpected is scary thing and can make you feel like a failure when it disrupts your plan. We’re human, stuff happens so having realistic expectations about your plan, identifying potential obstacles and thinking through alternate courses can help you to brush off unforeseen mishaps and move forward. When I went searching for a place to live I had to accept that 4 of us may be living in a 1-bedroom apartment. Being mentally prepared, or “expecting the unexpected” made my search easier and allowed me to move forward and find a wonderful home for my family. Also, having a friend or family member to talk you off the ledge when things get hectic can be a useful tool as well!

Embracing the Change can be difficult, especially if you didn’t want the change. I was content in my rental – we’d been there for 3 years and it felt like “home.” As my boys and I were boarding a plane to visit family I received the “vacate” email. My entire vacation was spent worrying about what I was going to do. I decided to EMBRACE the change because if I didn’t I would make myself and my kids’ lives miserable – there wasn’t anything I could do about it, no sense in complaining about it. I was able to locate a new rental with a larger yard, larger garage, amazing neighborhood and more open floor plan – we’re really enjoying our new home. By accepting the change and embracing it you can enjoy your life and LEARN a few things along the way.

They say that change is good. I believe that in my instance it was. I had to stop and re-evaluate my priorities and adopt a new way of thinking to get all my tasks done. Some decisions were not easy- I had to decide to stop blogging to allow myself time to move and study.

As I stated earlier, I passed my Health Coach exam in July, in the midst of a move with a job and 3 kids. What I gained from the 2 months of test preparation was priceless. I learned the ability to gain patience, plan ahead, expect the unexpected, enjoy the ride, and embrace the change.
Whether you’re moving, losing weight, getting healthy or any other major life CHANGE…you can apply these steps to help you get through a stressful time. Good news is the stress is temporary and things get easier IF you have a PROCESS to manage the change.

You can do it,because you ARE WORTH IT!!


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