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Fall in Love with Fall

Fall in Love with Fall

                                                         Fall in Love with Fall

It is not difficult to fall in Love with Fall. As much as I really like the warm summer months (and I do), I really, really LOVE Fall! Yes, the days get shorter which is a huge downfall to most people’s circadian rhythms (wake/sleep cycle). I look at it as a chance to get outside when the weather is perfect, and the breeze is cool…where you barely break a sweat because it is so perfect! Not too hot, not too cold…just right.
My son, Jesse and I really enjoy going out for our afternoon bike rides. Just before dinner on a Sunday afternoon makes for the perfect time. We can look at how all the leaves change color and hear them crunch under our tires as we roll along. We always say we will go for just a short while…but end up going several miles because it is so beautiful out we forget how far we have gone. Biking at a moderate pace for about 30 minutes can burn about 300 calories! Try this link to help see how many calories you might burn while biking. It’s an outdoor activity that you can enjoy with your whole family!
Here are some other ideas for activities you might want to try during these awesome Fall afternoons:

Fall in Love with Fall
Getting ready to ride

• Hiking trails-Look for family friendly ones…or not.
• Cycling-faster than just biking…opt to join a local cycling group 
• Canoeing or Kayaking-you can rent those at your local outfitter
• Golfing-try a lesson and walk the course…get those steps in!
• Jogging-lots of great trails and sites to see…layer up!
• Brisk walk while the kids ride their bikes…esp for the little ones
• Kick ball at the local park with the kiddos…so much fun…you’ll forget you’re an adult!

Fall in Love with Fall
View of the Fall leaves..

I am not gonna lie…Fall food is the BEST! The aromas and flavors of this season make you fall in Love with Fall. With the birth of everything Pumpkin Spice…you can’t help yourself. Comfort food is rearing its tasty head and can wreak havoc on your waistline. I love to re-create more HEALTHY versions of some fall recipes so I can still maintain high energy and fit into my favorite jeans during the holidays.
I just love the produce section of the grocery store…it is by far my favorite, especially in the Fall. Where squash of all varieties are in season, pumpkin, apples and pomegranates are there to brighten your day! Don’t forget the amazing (my favorite of all) the yam or sweet potato! So high in vitamins and nutrients, these foods are just some that can help stave off that nagging flu or cold. Here are some meals and foods you can prepare using some of these Fall food faves:

Fall in Love with Fall
Fall Veggies! Yum!

• Fall salad using baked squash and greens
• Soups and stews
• Tofu Hash using baked squash and root veggies
• Healthy homemade apple crisp
• Baked apples with raisins, cinnamon and allspice
• Veggie lasagna
• Casseroles using layers of nutrient dense vegetables and beans
• Adding pumpkin and apples to baked goods…don’t forget the cinnamon and nutmeg!

Fall in Love with Fall…over and over. It is so easy to do, with the awesome weather, and amazing sounds, smells and overall feel of the season.
In my upcoming blog posts, I will have several recipe ideas to share with you using some of these wonderful fruits and veggies already in season. I hope my recipe ideas will inspire you to try different ways to incorporate Fall veggies into your menu, and maybe get creative with your OWN ideas! I will also have posts on some of the outdoor activities mentioned above, in hopes of inspiring you to get outdoors and fall in love with Fall. Historically, this is the time of year where people will “FALL” off their healthy lifestyle track, throw in the towel…until Jan 1st when reality hits. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy the holiday season without all the hard work in the New year…just takes a little balance. I am the queen of BALANCE…so, “Fall-low” me…I will give you ideas on how to stay on track…and how to fall in love with Fall! Information with Inspiration!
So dust off that bike, grab your kids or friends and take a bike ride…get some exercise, embrace the change and smell that sweet smell of Fall…and don’t forget to have fun…because YOU are worth it!

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