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Prepare Fast Food Part 2

Prepare Fast Food Part 2

Fast Food Prep Part 2 Tips:

  • The KEY…FOOD PREP Workout  – the part everyone hates. It is no fun…but will reap its rewards later! I find that if I prep my food on Saturday or Sunday, it gives me more time with my kids, it allows me to actually sit with them at meals (which is so important to me), and leaves time for all the other obligations in the evenings that seem never ending at times. I bust out my cutting board, turn up the tunes or the volume on that football game and get to work. I get my best chopping knife. I sharpen it like a Samurai ready for battle…I love this part!
  • I chop all my veggies … for example, my broccoli and cauliflower…what a pain to do .   Cheaper to buy it by the head, it is fresher than the bagged stuff. After everything is chopped to my liking,   I put them into large freezer sized bags and there you have it! I do this to most of the veggies…bell peppers, onions too.   I usually stay away from the bag of lettuces…they are so pricey, and they just don’t last. I find that a head of fresh Romaine lettuce stores best in an airtight container…it stays crisp all week.
  • Protein prep…personally, NOT my favorite part.   Like I said earlier, I am a very budget conscious mom…so buying the BIG pack of chicken and ground turkey is what works best. Yes, it takes time, but well worth it!   I chop half of my chicken breasts into bite sizes, and leave the rest for grilling etc. By doing this, I am not only saving time, but I am controlling portion sizes so there is not waste.
  • Do NOT USE the same cutting board for veggies and chicken … beware of contamination! I freeze my meats and take them out as I need them…thawing in the fridge while I am at work. That way, when I get home, all I have to do is throw everything together without the prep. If you are one to make pasta, rice or quinoa, you could prep these the same day and keep in ziplock containers as well.

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