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How To Get a Workout While You Golf

How To Get a Workout While You Golf

                    How To Get a Workout While You Golf

Golf is one of those sports (or hobbies) that you think of as very passive…slow moving, and maybe even downright boring, right? Golf isn’t the sport you think of when you want to lose weight or get into shape… or is it?

I am going to tell you how to get a workout while you golf.   First, I will tell you that I have been golfing fairly regularly for the past 3 ½ years now at an amazing club- Del Rio Country Club. I golf some months more than others.  I have the BEST coach ever (and he happens to be my main squeeze!) and so I have learned much about this sport. I have learned it can be a very slow game with a lot of waiting…and a lot of patience…not things I like or have a lot of. You don’t really break a sweat, unless it’s hot or you’re losing a large bet. Haha!  Until now!
I am always coming up with ways to “get a workout in” and I have done that with my golf game.  In almost everything in do…house chores, grocery shopping, at the office; there is ALWAYS time to fit in a stretch, or an exercise …or a workout in this case. Golf Forest, Golf! How to get your run in while you golf

Time is always of the essence and because I am an excellent multitasker, I LOVE it when I can accomplish 2 or more things at the same time…so I RUN…and I RUN…and I RUN…while.. I GOLF! Yes…it is a fantastic workout and I am having fun! This is very similar to the sport of “Speed Golf”…a high paced golf game that you run for time and points…sounds fun and challenging!

I get a pushcart to carry my clubs. The way I run, they usually don’t stay secure…so check that first. I use my Fitbit to track my steps. Because there are usually hills on a golf course, this makes for an AMAZING cardio workout! I run from my Tee off to my (hopefully) nice fairway lie. I am usually out of breath when I get to my next shot…it’s like interval training! My heart rate goes up and comes down. I am now competing with myself to see if I can get a great shot after running…quite the challenge. By doing this I will usually:Golf Forest, Golf! How to get your workout in while you golf

• Average 15,000 steps on my Fitbit
• Burn anywhere from 400-600 calories
• Run/walk about 6-7 miles in a round
• Endorphins are amazing!

**You can also use apps like Under Amour’s MapMyRun…it will give you all your stats and your route!

Other ways to get a workout in while you golf:
• Walk at a brisk pace and jog only every other shot. Always keep your core tight and prepare it for that next amazing Tee shot!
• Do walking lunges to your next ball while your partner is taking their shot
• Squat down to pick up and place your ball…instead of bending over with your back.
• Run up and down hills not around them
• Do ten pushups or jumping jacks (or both) after every shot…you might get stares…but who cares!

Golf has given me a chance to do 2 things…and do them well…hit a tiny white (or hot pink) golf ball down miles of gorgeous grass…and fit my workout in too!
For the most part, people see the Game of golf as a slow, affluent, casual game for the older folk, who drive around in fancy clothes and golf carts with cocktails in hand…not for me…a sweaty mom of three just “whapping” those golf balls down the course fitting her workout in and running like Forest Gump!!!  My dirty stained golf ball is proof! Golf Forest, Golf! How to get a workout in while you golf
A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
I challenge YOU t0 step it up when you are outside. Make your casual walk a challenge, and don’t be afraid to try something NEW…push yourself a little and get uncomfortable…I did.  You can do it, BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

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