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Meet The Family

Meet The Family

Our family!  It truly helps to set the example for our kids.  The boys have all adapted to a healthier lifestyle – I am really excited to introduce Jesse Nelson, the youngest of the family mix.

Meet Jessie O'KeefeMeet Jesse Nelson (my youngest sone and Founder of “Kids Corner – Feed The Beast”):

  • His favorite sport is “Football!”
  • He also loves Basketball and Baseball.
  • He says you need to eat at least (1) Fruit a day and some Veggies
  • He makes killer smoothies!
Feed The Beast by Jessie O'Keefe
In the works . . . . . Feed The Beast!

Stay tune Jesse fans!  Feed The Beast is in the works!  With Jesse’s own smoothie recipes, words of encouragement and great short video’s to help you create Jesse’s Feed The Beast Creations!

Jesse says this a lot:  “You need to move!”  Get out your bike, walk the dog and or take a hike!  You don’t have to be in sports to be healthy.  You just need to move!  Eat right and have fun!

Hmmm, think others would like to submit their smoothie recipes for Jesse to feature?  What a great idea!  Talk to your kids, get them involved – Jesse will do a feature smoothie of the month for the winning smoothie submission.  Stay tune for more of Jesse’s idea’s!

To start things off – email me at: – Jesse and I would love to hear from you and your great smoothie recipes!