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Easy Ways To Mindful Fitness

Easy Ways To Mindful Fitness

Easy ways to Mindful Fitness

Here we are…its 2017 and we need easy ways to Mindful Fitness just like we need easy ways to clean out our closets that are full of clutter.

What is Mindful Fitness?  According to the blog by Michelle and Joel Levy, “Mindful Fitness” means having a mind that’s fit for action and insight. They say that at the heart and core of this kind of mind-body-spirit training is the practice of “mindful presence” — the essential key to “mind fitness.”  In other words, it is having an awareness of things, and a clear mind about which you go on with your life on a daily basis.  Sounds pretty deep, huh?

Well, studies show that by having a “fit mind” or finding easy ways to “Mindful Fitness”, we can have a direct effect on how we live our lives physically. By strengthening our minds, and giving our minds the proper rest, we can actually REDUCE stress, become MORE confident in ourselves, and truly ENJOY our journey to meeting and achieving our health and fitness goals. If we do not find easy ways to Mindful Fitness or “clearing the clutter” in our minds, we will fall off the track, and not meet our goals that we have set for ourselves.    If you have a picture in your mind of a Yogi meditating going…Ohm…well, you are halfway there.

I am not a Doctor, nor do I claim to be, but…you could delve into the realms of meditaion or see a counselor to gain Mindful Fitness…I do know this: finding ways to clear my mind, always bring me back to one thing…I am a much BETTER mom, friend, and person for doing it.  Bottom line.

Here are a few easy ways to Mindful Fitness, that work for me:

  • GET ENOUGH SLEEPMany if not most people do not get adequate sleep. According to this article on sleep, adults need about 7-9  hours of GOOD sleep per night.  A a good nights sleep can boost your ability to think clearly, and boost ones mood and energy level.  A sure way to Mindful Fitness is to start by making sure you are getting plenty of sleep.  This will have a trickle down effect on every aspect of your life if those needs aren’t met!  So.. shut off the late night TV, people and give your mind the rest it deserves!minful fitness jesse style
  • SPEND SOME TIME ALONE- AKA “me time”…yay! I love me time, and who doesn’t? Time away may seem to some as a guilty pleasure, but let’s be clear…you NEED and DESERVE it.  Alone time can allow you time to think clearly without interruption, and sort out feelings and connect with yourself for a bit.  If you have started on a new health and fitness journey, then time for yourself to reflect and connect with the “new you” may be what the Dr. orders. Meditation and prayer work and is an easy way to Mindful Fitness for sure.
  • SPEND LESS TIME ON ELECTRONICSSimply put, our minds need to rest, because we cannot consciously rest it if we are stimulating it all the time…especially before bed time. This article by Web MD says that The physical act of responding to a video game or even an email before bed time, makes your body tense.. As you get stressed, your body can go into a “fight or flight” response, and as a result, cortisol, a stress hormone produced by the adrenal gland, is released, creating a situation hardly conducive to sleep. We are conditioned to constant stimulus, and thanks to social media we get lots of this.  I urge you to set a time to turn off your devices and get time for yourself and a good nights sleep to boot.
  • MEDIATION AND PRAYER-This is not for everyone, and is more difficult to say than to do, especially if you are hyper and a busy body like me. This is a chance to get insideyogi mindful fitness yourself mentally and emotionally and can really help open your mind and calm your crazy nerves.  Whatever your “higher power” is…tap into that by finding time alone where it is quiet and pray.  Sometimes just sitting with your eyes closed listening to soft music or being outside with quiet  nature can clear your mind and is an easy way to Mindful Fitness.
  • STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES-Exactly what being Mindful is about. Try putting down the “To Do” list and stop running around like a crazy person and just take in the JOYS OF LIFE.  As corny as it sounds, it is so much easier said than done.  I recommend trying to find time for this exercise daily.  Give yourself the chance to just BE.  Put down the laundry list of TO DO’s…in fact, don’t fold the laundry. Take a few minutes or even an hour in your hectic day to ENJOY your family. Play a game, laugh, take a walk…whatever it is that makes YOU happy, and gets your mind clear.
  • Shinzen Young states it best,  “ Mindfulness practice trains your nervous system to know itself better and interfere with itself less.” By finding easy ways Mindful Fitness, you can increase your clarity of mind, have a stronger sense of awareness, and overall better health and wellness…because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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