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Prepare Fast Food Part 3

Prepare Fast Food Part 3

Prepare Fast Food Part 3 ….

Time and Love

Preparing FAST food (or food fast) takes 3 steps:

These things may seem time consuming, especially if you do not do these on a regular basis. I promise you this, you and your family will reap more quality family time during the week, especially if they participate with the prep or cooking.

It can be intimidating at first. So…why not give this a try.   Don’t forget to ask for help…my son, Jesse, who is 10, LOVES to help with the chopping and food prep. He will have his own blog/kids corner on this site real soon!

I feel it is important for kids to be exposed to REAL food and how to prepare it…and it is quality time spent together. The amount of time you spend preparing the ingredients to your weekly meals means healthier meals that YOU have prepared for them, more time for yourself and family…priceless!

I always say…it always tastes so much better because I have a special ingredient in my food “LOVE” – THAT my friends… you cannot get from a drive thru!

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