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Re-purpose Roasted Veggies In Simple Ways

Re-purpose Roasted Veggies In Simple Ways

Re-purpose Roasted Veggies the Simple Way! 

Part II to the “Roasted Veggie’s Recipe Post – instead of throwing out the veggies, here are seven ways you can re-purpose them!  Check it out!

  1. Use those re-purposed veggies in soups and stews for a warm heart healthy meal
  2. Layer your cold roasted veggies in salads for a pleasant surprise
  3. Warm your roasted veggies over a bed of quinoa or brown rice
  4. Take those re-purposed veggies and mix into a bowl of faro for a nutty, smoky flavor combination
  5. Serve those roasted veggies in your favorite whole grain wrap or tortilla
  6. Make a savory roasted veggie cauliflower mash in your food processor
  7. Last but definitely not least – throw those left over roasted veggies into whole grain pasta for a primavera style meal


Repurpose Roasted Veggies - Fit Life By CAss


There you have it! You see…you can get many different meals throughout your week using the same batch of roasted veggies. Just be sure (as I said in part 1) not to over cook them, or using them in your next meal plan might not get rave reviews.

You want to keep the integrity of the vegetable and the vitamins that are in them by not over cooking them. It took me several times before I was able to roast them perfectly. Each oven is different so you will have to PRACTICE…each oven varies.

If you prepare AHEAD of time, it means LESS time in the kitchen and MORE time with your family. Like I explained before, the more you schedule what to do to prepare for the week ahead – the better off you are.  In the long run, you are saving much needed time – and at the end of a work day, picking up kids and or rushing to the store, a simple planning in advance will create a much better home meal time.

If you have any other great ideas for roasted veggies and how to re-purpose them, I would like to hear from you! Thanks for reading, and happy roasting!!

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