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Roasted Veggies Oh Yeah!

Roasted Veggies Oh Yeah!

Roasted Veggies, Oh Yeah!

…So you say you are tired of salads? I get it…summer is over and my absolute FAVORITE season is here…Autumn! Well, I’ve got a quick and easy way of preparing some of my seasonal go to veggies that will have you and your family going back for more.  Roasted Veggies are fun to prepare!  Read On . . .

I am very fond of Fall veggies because they are full of beautiful color, nutty flavor and different textures. Roasted Veggies are versatile and can be used in many dishes as well as being tasty. Here is a sample of one of my go to combinations, but you can use whatever veggies your palette calls you to. The prep is very simple, but takes a little time on the front end…but believe me, it is so worth it!

Items you will need:

  • Large mixing bowl to toss veggies
  • Cookie sheet or baking sheetRoasted Veggies Spices - Fit Life by Cassie
  • Cutting board
  • Your fave chopping knife -make sure it is nice and sharp!
  • Olive oil or other healthy oil
  • Spices of your choice ( see suggestions below)

…and now for the veggies:

  • 1 large Butternut squash (skin off)
  • 1 head of Cauliflower
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 bag (or at least 15-20) Brussel Sprouts
  • 2 large Red Bell Peppers

Here is my go to Cassie’s Concoction of spices, and I LOVE this combo: (use more or less of these)

  • Garlic Powder
  • Paprika
  • Chili Powder
  • Cayenne Powder or Red Pepper flakes
  • Salt

I preheat my oven at about 425 degrees while I am chopping that way it is nice and ready when I am through.

I chop up the easiest veggies first:

  • Cauliflower
  • Sprouts
  • Bell Peppers, making sure to remove unwanted things like seeds, or hard core-like stems.

If you like your veggies with a little “tooth” to them (al dente) if you will, then be sure not to make your pieces too small. Cutting brussels in half and making sure my bell peppers and onions are not too small is a good thing, as they will cook fast. My squash I cut into cubes. I place my veggies into a large bowl-you may have to go do this in half, as you may have more veggies than bowl. I drizzle the olive oil over the veggies and toss or stir to coat. I then add my spices and do the same.

Finally, I spray my baking sheet with nonstick spray and spread evenly on the pan. I chose NOT to pile it on one sheet, because I like my veggies to get all carmely and brown…giving it a smoky, nutty flavor! Bake at about 425 for about 35-40 mins…or when YOU feel they are done…I like mine crispy and opt for the 40 mins or so.

Here are a couple of great links for other Roasted Veggies Recipes:

Enjoy these wonderful flavors of Autumn…you will FALL in love with how delicious and easy it is to eat your favorite veggies roasted! Stay tuned for my next blog post…where I talk about HOW you can use these veggies…and not JUST as a side dish. Roasted Veggies are the way to go – it not only spruces things up but adds such great color to your meal.

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