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Set Yourself Up For Success…It’s All About the Follow Through!

Set Yourself Up For Success…It’s All About the Follow Through!

           Set Yourself up for Success…It’s All About the Follow                                                        Through!

Did you ever see a golfer or a baseball player hit a ball that went nowhere and the result was ZERO?   He was suited up, and with years of practice and a fat paycheck he was ready for the challenge.  A sad thing happened…because he did not follow through on his swing, he lost the chance to succeed.
Hello everyone and happy 2018! Did you make any New Year’s resolutions or goals? I will bet that at least one of them is health or fitness related…as the majority of resolutions are. That is awesome news, and I bet you are all geared up and ready with all the cute workout clothes, great shoes and fit tracker to boot!

Did you know that in order to reach these goals…it’s all about the follow through?
All of the fancy “things” will get you wanting to be active and you will surely look good doing it (as we all want to). I can tell you that it is your diligence and persistence that will get you to the end.
Truth be told that the majority of people who set their fitness goals are already giving up by March 1st? It takes that long for your body to adjust to its new routine and for your metabolism to finally start kicking into gear. You’ve quit before you have even started seeing lasting results.set yourslef up for success 3

What is “follow through”? According to this definition, it means
• “to continue a stroke or motion to the end or its arc”. Or…

• ”to press on in an activity or process especially to a conclusion.”

… I am speaking of the second…to press on to a conclusion or GOAL.

As with anything you do in life…following through is crucial to getting to the end result. Most people who set fitness goals start out fine, but soon get overwhelmed, get discouraged and quit…they do not follow through, and end up not seeing what the end result could have been.

Here are some small and easy ways to help you follow through and set yourself up for success in 2018:

• Chose an accountability partner-someone to help hold you accountable and tell you like it is!
• Set small, achievable goals at first-maybe something like exercising 2 days a week
• Think about WHY you are doing this and revisit this weekly-this should motivate you
• Keep a daily journal- write down actions and feelings to track progress
• Give yourself rewards for meeting goals-that in itself will keep your success going!
These are easy ways to set yourself up for success. The most important thing to keep in mind and the easiest one for us all to give up on is the FOLLOW THROUGH.

Here are examples of what could happen should I not follow through:set yourslef up for success

• If I only do some work that is required of me at my job – I may get fired
• If I eat nutritionally dense foods only sometimes – I will get sick
• If I do not brush my teeth completely- I will get rotten teeth
• If I only exercise every now and then- I will likely feel tired a lot and chose bad habits
• If I do not follow through on my golf swing –my ball likely goes into the rough or sand trap (boo!)
• If I do not follow through on my promises to friends and family-then I will seem untrustworthy

Just a few everyday examples of how FOLLOW THROUGH CAN AND WILL change your life. FOLLOWING THROUGH WILL GET YOU RESULTS!
So…Set yourself up for success good people. Chase this goal to the END!!! You will never be the same once you have achieved your goal whatever it may be. You OWE it to yourself to reach that goal. Don’t you want to know what it feels like to SUCCEED IN 2018??
Then do it for YOU…and do it NOW…BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

I hope you have enjoyed my posts. Thank you for reading
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