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Tips to a Healthy Holiday

Tips to a Healthy Holiday

                                    Tips to a Healthy Holiday

The time of year has come when most people find themselves ditching a healthy holiday and adding another notch to their belt. The temptations of the holiday cookies seem the best of their waistline. Diets and healthy choices seem to have faded, giving way to the couch and TV as the days become shorter and colder. Daylight savings time has a profound effect on our sleep cycle to boot. The desire to exercise dwindles for most and comfy pajamas and cozy slippers replace the spandex workout gear. I find myself trying to talk myself out of my early morning workouts to stay in my warm bed.
To top it all off the winter months can be a time of indulgences…calorie dense comfort foods and holiday cocktails become more common as people celebrate all the reasons for the season.
Here are some tips to a healthy holiday that I have found work for me:

Get plenty of sleep
• Feeling rested increases my energy for the day, and my workouts.
• Elevates and levels out my mood.
• Studies show good sleep habits have a positive effect on weight loss.
• Good sleep gives me an overall sense of well-being.zen del mar

Drink plenty of water
• Keeps my systems in check
• Hydration is key…bottom line
• Flushes out toxins…esp that holiday cocktail!
• Gives me energy, keeps me from feeling tired

Split or share my meals when dining out
• I can still enjoy indulgences
• I don’t feel deprived
• I consume far less calories

Working out from home
• Workout videos
• Utube videos like beachbody
Cycle on my trainer in the comfort of my hometips to a healthy holiday

Eating a diet RICH in nutrient dense foods
• Veggies at every meal
• Fruits and nuts for snacking
• Keep sweets/sugars to a minimum
• Make healthy smoothiestips to a healthy holiday

Along with tips to a healthy holiday, you could pair yourself up with a partner to help keep you accountable. If you fall off the wagon and get off track, it’s not the end of the world. Making sure you get right back on is crucial to achieving your goals and maintaining a forward motion to your success. You and your partner could be of great support and voice of reason when a weak moment may occur.

Remember… have FUN! Joy and laughter is the key to good health, and over all well-being.
The changing seasons and time for celebrations can make it difficult to make the right choices. I find that if I adhere to most of these suggestions above, then I am not left feeling guilty and my fitness goals will still be intact by Jan 1st! That my friends… is a gift that keeps on giving.

I hope my tips to a healthy holiday has inspired you to change one unhealthy habit this holiday season. Information with Inspiration…because YOU are WORTH it!

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Happy Healthy Days!

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